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ash4 royal navy
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PostSubject: Senior #45   Senior #45 EmptyThu Dec 24, 2009 2:17 pm

I started riding a bike in 1993 on a malagutti 50 and after a couple of months i decided I wanted to race. So my parents got me a KX60 and without even riding a geared bike before I did my first race YMSA Championship which went really badly, because I thought I was leading when I was actually being lapped so I hit a jump a bit to fast and fell off and got stuck under my bike. From every meeting from there i improved finishing one place better at each meeting and after a seaon i was finishing top 5 at the meetings i attended. I finished 9th in the YMSA 1994 season after not attending all the meetings. This is where my motocross stopped because of my parents split and money situation brought it to a end.

In 2000 or so I got a cr100 big wheel after still wanting to do it after all that time I use to practice at the local quarry in the midlands and the famous desert in nottinghamshire. Again after a couple of months I decided i wanted to race and just before the meeting i got a bad cold and my step dad said if I hear you coughing in the night your not racing in the morning. So i decided to get in the loft and sleep up there so he couldnt hear me. So the next day we went and everything went ok apart from seeing kids I use to battle with lapping me, but I didnt finish last. After more money troubles again I had to give it up after one race.

In 2001 I started BMX racing and eventually I found something that I could afford off of a paper round. I won my first race and never looked back after winning the midland championship in that year. I raced nationals with plenty of wins and in 2002 I raced the british championships and finsidhed 4th. In 2003 i was leading the championship and the local national meeting was the weekend before my GCSE english exam, so i decided not to race and just to go trainning and fell off and broke my collar bone and it was my writing hand as well. After finshing my GCSE's I started working at KFC before joining the Royal Navy couple of months later 2004.

Throughout trainning I was still racing MX in my head i use to have to win our fitness runs pretending I was on a 125 and at the end of all my trainning i would by myself one. Even though I was at a top level at BMX racing my heart wasnt in it like MX so after saving not going well it took me to 2006 to get enough money for a 2yr old KTM 125. My plan was to sell this bike at a profit and buy another until i could get enogh money for a newish bike. I raced the KTM before i sold it at the YMSA Championship again and it went well I was up there in the top ten for the first time in 12 years. After this weekend i sold the bike at a £330 profit and the got a kxf 250 and sold that for £175 profit and got another kxf250 and racing them aswell and then this one got stolen and put me back to stage one again Mad . So I gave in and got a loan for a brand new 2008 KXF 250 my first ever new bike. in the 2008 season i finshed 25th in the YMSA championship after only doing 8 rounds of 15.

In 2009 the club i raced for went to open class so i upgraded to a KTM 450 and i was 3rd in the chamionship all season until i crashed and dislocated my elbow. I finsihed 7th overall after missing 2 meetings due to my elbow feeling weak. I started riding the odd meeting with HMX and got my first win at HMX at swanmore earlier this year in the B class. I have always been good at my starts and getting holeshots so hopefully 2010 will bring me some good results in the A class. I am hoping to do the full HMX chapionship and looking forwrd to every minute.

So ready for 2010 i have moved back to 2 stroke wohoo on my new 2010 KTM 250 and i am loving it reminding me of the good old 2 stroke days on a full grid of kx60's wohoo .

Broken bones from MX: 0 (TOUCH WOOD)
disloctions from MX: 1

Hope you enjoyed my little story of my MX life, 100% devoted to the sport cheers

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